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This website is intended as a guide for Joomla 4 users in general. If you allocate one day per chapter of this online joomla manual, which is 6 of them, and take one hour on that day, assuming you have an existing Joomla installation, after 6 days you are well on your way to managing your own Joomla site down to the last detail!

Joomla! is open-source, which means, among other things, that a large group of developers is constantly developing to improve the content management system, often on a voluntary basis. There are thousands of extensions that you can install, for which you often have to pay money, and of course the hosting of a Joomla website is not free either.

In terms of server requirements, ease of use and possibilities, Joomla positions itself between Wordpress and Drupal, other widely used CMSs.

This website is not about installing Joomla, just using Joomla. So it is a user manual and not an installation manual. We are only going to cover the most relevant aspects of Joomla. Precisely the parts that you will use the most.

Joomla 4 is the latest version of the Joomla content management system, and it offers a number of new and improved features, including an updated user interface, better performance, and improved security. To learn more about Joomla 4 and how to use it, you can visit the Joomla website and read the documentation, or search for tutorials and guides online. There are also many books and other resources available that can help you learn how to use Joomla 4.